Weddings By Ann Serving The Southern California Area

I write a special ceremony for each couple – sending you about six basic ceremonies from which you can take parts that appeal to you or include any suggestions that you feel are important, such as your particular religious or spiritual beliefs, no matter what they may be. Simply let me know what is IMPORTANT to each of you and I will include it in a very special way. Perhaps you have a special song, a favorite poem, or anything that is meaningful to the two of you. Additionally, I have special ceremonies for Halloween, New Year’s Eve, and Valentine’s Day and even created a lovely Goddess ceremony. Tell me what kind of wedding site you are planning, and the amount of people expected to attend. What are your needs? Is it just the ceremony or rehearsal or any coordinating? I can help you with any part of your wedding. We can even find a special location here in beautiful Southern California. Once I receive a deposit of $50.00 or $100.00, I will send you the basic vows to begin creating your own special wording. The fee is $250.00 for the wedding, and another $100.00 if there is a rehearsal. If the location is more than 25 miles, there is an additional fee of 35 cents per mile. The couples are certainly the stars of the event but people often do not realize that the Minister is the Director and a necessary component that makes the marriage legal. It really only takes a bride, a groom, a license and an officiant - all else is fluff and fun. It is my mission to provide a memorable wedding experience to couples who are willing to make a covenant and commitment to each other and I look forward to sharing your special day.

Please feel free to email or call me: (or) (386) 414-9218